Flowers that hang down and continue to bloom all year round~The charm of Lantana montevidensis


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Flower that colors the house Lantana montevidensis

Flowers that hang down and continue to bloom all year round~The charm of Lantana montevidensis

At my home, which is a little elevated
The roses bloom late, so now they just start to have buds …

Meanwhile, the trailing lantana bloomed as if it hung down on the outer wall.


1st year trailing lantana

When I bought it, it looked like it had died with a short branch of 10 cm.

The photo below is the first year


Growth is still slow. It blooms from spring to autumn, but in warmer regions it blooms until the end of December.




2nd year trailing lantana

The beauty of Kobano Lantara is praised.
I’m rumored about our flowers from the window of my house.

“It’s beautiful!"

I hear.



Third year Lantana montevidensis

This photo is 2 years and several months after planting.


It has grown to a length of about 3m.


Lantana montevidensis is strong.

It has grown even bigger in 4 and 5 years.




Basic information on Lantana montevidensis

What kind of flower is Lantana montevidensis?


  • Strong cold resistance and cold resistance!
  • From spring to early winter!
  • There are no pests in the first place!
  • Grow without hassle!
  • Growing up and looking great!


Plant name Lantana montevidensis
Scientific name Lanta Navidensis
Family name Verbenaceae Shichihenge
Classification Evergreen small shrub
Family name Verbenaceae
Cold resistance strong
Early heat strong
Sunshine in the sun
Flowering period May-November
Origin South America
Differences between Lantana and Lantana montevidensis


Lantana montevidensis and Lantana are of the same strain, but different types.

Both Lantana and Lantana montevidensis are strong and easy to grow, but even stronger is Lantana montevidensis.


“Lantana" grows upwards.
“Trailing lantana" grows sideways as if it were weeping.

“Lantana montevidensis" is not only hot but also cold.

How to grow trailing Lantana montevidensis

Lantana montevidensis is a flower that anyone can easily grow.

Moisture, nurturing, nothing hard.
If you want to grow big, please grow it in the ground.
It will grow significantly in a few years.





↓If you want to grow the flowers well like this, it is recommended to cut the floral pattern a little or prun it a little after flowering.

By doing so,It will be better with flowers at the next flowering.




The perennial trailing lantana blooms all year round.

But it is better not to give too much fertilizer.

If it becomes overnourished, it will only grow and the flowers will not bloom, resulting in a small number.
In my case, I give fertilizer only once a year in winter or spring.



  • Don’t give too much fertilizer.
    (I am fertilizer once or twice a year)
  • Don’t give too much water.
  • It depends on the size of the flower plant, but it is best to keep it a little dry.
  • Be careful only in the summer.
  • It is the worst to be sticky.

Winter care for trailing Lantana montevidensis

My house is in central Japan so it’s relatively warm.
It snows once a year for only one day.

So I don't do anything.


If it grows after the third year, it’s a good idea to cut it in half before winter.
Since my house will be over 3m long, I will prun it to half the length before winter.


Video of Lantana montevidensis

It is Lantana montevidensis around 2018.

The still small trailing lantana is about two years old.

Now it’s grown even bigger and bigger than this video.

I will update it at the next opportunity.

short video

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